Insufficient focus on sales is a proven handicap in young organizations. During start-up, major focus is on product development and improvement. At a given stage this focus needs to turn to sales. In many cases the internal resources miss sales- and marketing experience.

This is where we can be of major help. Supporting you in defining your target markets, your target customers and create a sales organization able to initiate sales traction. We can build with you your Sales- and Marketing plans, your sales organization, their incentive schemes and ensure that your company copes with all the contractual and legal requirements.

Our major offerings:


  • Set-up and/or audit and analysis of sales- and marketing strategy
  • Define market segments and market opportunities
  • Set-up, extension and/or audit of sales organizations
  • Set-up of forecast and sales funnel management system
  • Motivating and incentivizing the sales force
  • Sales support for “Big Deals”
  • Sales Training


  • Set up a Marketing Strategy and define marketing goals
  • Trademark and portfolio strategy
  • Media mix and communication strategy
  • Digital Strategy and Digital Coaching
  • Pricing Policy
  • Set-up a Marketing-Investment plan

Fitness-Check for Sales and Marketing

  • Audit Sales and Marketing organizations to identify and improve organizational and personnel weaknesses


  • Definition of international markets
  • Definition and implementation of Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Opening and incorporation of local legal entities, recruitment of distributors and/or local personnel
  • Definition and compliance with local legal obligations

Organizational Development – Human Resources – Focus Sales and Marketing

  • Definition of required organization
  • Definition of required talent
  • Organizational audit, talent inventory
  • Recruiting and/or outplacement
  • Training plans
  • Compensation systems, Sales Incentive Plans
  • Industrial Relations

Legal – Focus Sales and Marketing

  • Risk analysis
  • Analysis of contracts
  • Local and International legal compliance
  • Corporate Governance
  • Contractual Sales Support

Our contractual conditions

  • We are committed to the commercial success of our partners. We therefore expect to be paid based on the accomplishment of pre-defined objectives. We also accept payment in company equity (work4capital). We charge a minimal monthly fee to cover current business expenses and expect to be reimbursed for actual and reasonable travel and living expenses.