Michael Aha - Organizational Development / Human Resources

  • More than 35 years of experience in International Human Resource Management and Organizational Development worldwide
  • Responsible for Human Resources, Real estate, Information Systems, Sales Operations for the European and International subsidiaries of premium IT Corporations
  • Covering more than 11.000 employees in Europe, Asia and South America
  • Set-up of International subsidiaries of American or European Corporations in close cooperation with Finance and Legal
  • Sourcing, selection, hiring and on-boarding of Senior Management, General Management, C-level Positions
  • Implementation of International reorganizations
  • Worldwide integration of subsidiaries and employees following acquisitions and/or mergers
  • Development and implementation of sales-organization including establishment of sales goals, related sales compensation plans
  • Set-up of e-commerce organization aha-trendstyle gmbh and leading it as Managing Director
  • Consulting and supporting General Management of aha-international media gmbh as major shareholder